Plug-ins (option)

In their audio chain, a lot of broadcasters use additional peripherals for the processing. A stereo enhancer for example, but there are others… Often, many manufacturers of those products are not launching the realisation of new digital product generations due to a lack of competence in this domaine.

IDT smoothens the way by creating it's first PLUG-INS, which will surely be followed by others ...

This strategy is very important, beacause a lot of broadcasters wish to stop "stacking hardware" which reduces the fiability and which increases the final price of their configuration.

The Architecture of our products disposes the ressources of an extensive calculation, nevertheless it is pssible to integrate a lot of other functions in form of a "PLUG-IN".

  You'd like to increase the stereophonic image of your programs? The STEREO BOOST @ FM1, a IDT Plug-in is the first digital stereo enhancer 100% compatible mono.
  The MPX Guard assures you a conformity with the normes combined with a strong presence on the waves.
  The "Basic RDS" Plug-In allows you to generate the basic RDS informations without the use of an external coder.
  The"Dynamic RDS" Plug-In allows you the dynamic configuration of your RDS data via the data port UECP (Universal Encoder Communication Protocol) spécified in the document SPB 490 version 5.1.