Plug-ins (option)

Introduction to the DEP

IDT's DEP is a digital stereo coder enhanced by an AGC and a limiter. It's the perfect low-price machine to let you respect the broadcasting standards. With it's APC concept by IDT, the DEP optimises the clipping, increases the loudness - by eliminating the peaks without any generation of distortion. Additionally, the DEP was designed expandable to be open for current or forthcoming software plug-ins.

Handling of the DEP

The DEP is delivered with a very extensive software package - the graphical user interface MASTER GATE is designed for use under Windows® 2000, XP and Vista. It can be used by connecting to the prcessor via RS232, modem or ethernet TCP/IP.

  Accessibility of the DEP : In an instant you can visualize the levels either at the DEP's frontpanel-display or in the software MASTER GATE.
  Functions of the DEP : With the iconbar's help you have access at all the functions... Move the mouse-cursor over the different menu-items to show the different screens of the Master Gate software.