Plug-ins (option)

Introduction to the DVP

The Digital Virtual Processor is the result of the technological know-how of IDT, using Fast Fournier Transform, brought to aid of the specific needs of broadcasters. Working on an innovative technology the DVP is the first and only audio processor to work without bands, per se.
The DVP works on the signal as a whole analysing and allowing the processor to truly respect the signal.
Moreover, the DVP not only works at 96 kHz, sampling rate, but on a 40 bit floating point. The DVP from IDT allows all broadcasters to respect the sound while giving a final result that can give a loudness accompanied by brightness and clarity second to none.

The DVP, simple, efficent and pratical

Simple: The DVP is equipped with a high resolution LCD display which allows you to check permanently the processor's work . You can use the DVP display not only as a spectrum analyzer, but you can also display the density with a precise and instant indication of the excursion.

Efficency: To have access to a lot of important functions available in the DVP, you use your processor with the supplied remote-control-software. Nevertheless you have access to the basic parameters via the front-panel.

Pratical: With the DVP forget the hazard. A headphone output on the front-panel allows you to control the processing results at different levels. Therefore you can listen to the difference of the sound at various points of the processorr.


The software : the direct connection to the DVP heart

For IDT, the objective of the DVP's software was not just to put some grahical displays and functions on a screen. Quite contrary to this, there was a lot of development done to create an easy-to-use graphical user-interface, transparent and interactive, as comfortable and pratical as possible for your work with the sound.
The display contains what's the the most important: A FFT spectrum-analyzer allows you to display simultaneous the input and the output of your DVP .With the function " push mode " the ajustment of the paramèters is getting a breeze. The mouse-cursor is transformed in the " Eiffel tower " - you can now do your own corrections to the curve.