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Introduction to the DBP 7+4

The DBP is an exceptional processor which marries FFT analysis with double band processing to give a result that rivals the DVP with an even easier access.
The processor works on 3 levels; up to 7 bands compression and expansion on the 7+4, or, logically ,4 for the 4 band. Then, there is the Optimiser and the Final Limiter.
This totally innovative approach of double processing allows you to avoid multiplying the number of processors you use meaning cost-effectiveness and noise-reduction. Respect of the original signal is the key to IDT processing, fully demonstrated in the DBP range.

The DBP 7+4, simple, efficent and pratical

Simple: The DBP 7+4 is equipped with a high resolution LCD display which allows you to check permanently the processor's work . You can use the DBP 7+4's display not only as a spectrum analyzer, but you can also display the density with a precise and instant indication of the excursion.

Efficency: To have access to a lot of important functions available in the DBP 7+4 , you use your processor with the supplied remote-control-software. Nevertheless you have access to the basic parameters via the front-panel.

Pratical: With the DBP 7+4 forget the hazard. A headphone output on the front-panel allows you to control the processing results at different levels. Therefore you can listen to the difference of the sound at various points of the processorr.

  The software : the direct connection to the DBP 7+4 heart

For IDT, the objective of the DBP 7+4's software was not just to put some grahical displays and functions on a screen. Quite contrary to this, there was a lot of development done to create an easy-to-use graphical user-interface, transparent and interactive, as comfortable and pratical as possible for your work with the sound.
The display contains what's the the most important: A FFT spectrum-analyzer allows you to display simultaneous the input and the output of your DBP 7+4 .With the function " push mode " the ajustment of the paramèters is getting a breeze. The mouse-cursor is transformed in the " Eiffel tower " - you can now do your own corrections to the curve.